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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to users, visitors or members of www.dancetribe.net. Your use of this Site demonstrates your consent to the practices the Site adopts. This Site respects the private data of its users and this Policy demonstrates its commitment to protecting your privacy. You should carefully read this Privacy Policy before continuing your use or visit of this Site and its services.

Information Collected

This Site can collect personal information which identifies you, including your name and email address. When you submit personal information through this Site, the information may be sent to servers located in the United Kingdom and other countries across the world.

Information You Provide

This Site may store any additional personal information, which you submit to us or you upload on this Site. For example, your real name, address, location, email, telephone number, Skype, interests, gender, age, demographic information, social and professional networks, credit card numbers and transaction history.

Information from third parties

This Site may obtain both personal and non-personal information about you from service providers, third parties, business partners, affiliates, contractors, research or surveys. Information that we may receive can include personal details such as your purchase history.

Information about others

This Site may also collect and store personal information provided through you about your connections and other people you communicate with online. For example, if you use our system to send other people information, we may store the content of your messages to and from recipients.

Synced Software

You may use this Site via smart devices which can automatically sync information such as email, address book, contacts, calendar events and your different social networks. You can change the settings of your individual devices.

Cookies and other technologies

This Site may use range of technologies both now and in the future, which automatically collects information from your computer about your activities and activities on this Site. This Site automatically tracks data from your browser each time you visit it. For example, your IP address, browser, language, access times, content from undeleted cookies that your browser previously accepted from us and referring website addresses. When you visit this Site, your computer may be assigned one or more cookies to facilitate access to this Site and personalize your experience. Cookies also permit websites to automatically collect data about your online activity, web pages you visit, links you click and searches which you conduct. Browsers may automatically accept cookies. Generally, you should be able to adjust your browser settings and decline cookies. However, if you decline cookies, you may be excluded from signing in or using some interactive features and services offered through this Site.

A cookie is a small text file stored on a user's computer for record keeping. Session cookies expire when the user closes their browser and is used to ease navigation. Persistent cookies remain on hard drives for a period of time. When you log on to this Site it can keep a record of your user or member ID in your computerís cookie file. Your password can also be recorded in this cookie file if you indicate that you would like it saved for automatic sign-in. Where website services do not use a user or member ID, the cookie contains a unique identifier. Authorised service providers may serve cookies for analysis and research on the effectiveness of content. You should be able to delete records of your history through your system.

Other Technologies

Websites may use standard internet technology or advanced similar technologies. Whilst cookies are stored on the user's computer hard drive, similar technologies such as web beacons are embedded invisibly on web pages or emails and monitor usage patterns.


Third-parties such as advertising companies and ad networks may use tracking technologies such as cookies to collect information about users and their interaction with their ads. Third parties may collect data about where you clicked on certain advertisements. This information may be combined with other personal information collected from you and your computer or device in order to deliver targeted content and specific advertisements to you. This Privacy Policy does not cover their use of your personal information.

General Use

Information collected about you may be used to: manage your account; provide customer support; deliver specific products or services; conduct surveys on your use and interest in certain products, services or content; communicate with you via email or other methods; provide you information; allow third party affiliates to communicate with you; look into uncompleted services requested; display tailored content and advertising; perform checks or enforce the our Terms and Conditions.

Financial Information

We aim to use reputable payment gateways. You acknowledge that they generally have their own terms of use, privacy policies and agreements which govern how they will handle your financial transactions. If you use a payment gateway through the Site, your financial information is collected. f you click any affiliate products through the Site, your purchases can be tracked.

Information Sharing

Authorised Service Providers

We may share your personal information with authorised professional service providers who are required to carry out technical or outsourced services on our behalf. This may include software or hardware support, processing credit card payments, product or service delivery, customer service, marketing, sales, website testing, surveys, credit checks, due diligence. In order to perform their service to this Site, authorised service providers may require access to information which includes your personal data. Confidentiality agreements will generally be in place between professionals we use, which covers client data.

Advertisers and Affiliates

Information may be collected when you use your account to sign in to affiliated websites, applications, services, or visit third-parties pages which may embed our social plugins. Information may be tailored. The Site may make referrals to affiliates, targeted marketing and suggestions to you based on its impression of your interaction or inferred by your profile, interests, comments, events or ìlikesî. Targeted ads or generic pop-ups will generally give you an option to open or close them. We cannot control the pop-ups you receive on your screen from third parties. You are entirely responsible for information and browsing history stored on your smart phone, tablet, computer or device. You are free to clean and remove stored data on your system. Equally, you are free to choose not to click open promos or ads on your screen.

Third-Party Websites

Third-Party Websites to whom information is disclosed generally apply their own terms, therefore you should read them before interacting with them. If you click on an advertisement, or conduct a search through this Site you may be taken to a third-party website, which can solicit, collect and store further data about you. The result of your activities on some sites may be provided back to this Site.

Legal Disclosures

This Site may disclose your information in order to: comply with a valid Judicial Order requesting disclosure of specific information; comply with law; cooperate with legal authorities; defend the Site against legal claims; prevent crime or fraud; protect proprietary rights, intellectual property rights, property or safety of this Site; protect the holding company, its directors or any associated party; protect site users; enforce our Terms and Conditions or any agreement between us; comply with tax investigations; financial accounting or audit compliance; if a merger, reorganization or asset sale occurs; in the event of bankruptcy or legal proceedings.

Social Forums, Blogs, Reviews, Groups and Postings

Some features or areas of this Site may allow you to communicate with other people or make comments, reviews or upload content such as texts, videos, photos and audios.  Your Postings are viewable by the public and may be transferred by social media to multiple third party websites and platforms on the internet. This means that your data has the possibility of being collected and used by strangers across the world. If you post your email address, it may lead to unsolicited or spam messages. You should moderate your voluntary Postings and exercise caution. Certain postings may restrict editing or deletion and will remain in the public domain. We cannot control who sees the Content or their reaction.

Updating Information

You should be able to update your profile and data by yourself, or failing that by contacting us. You are entitled to deactivate your account. In such case, data associated to your user account can still be maintained in our system for a period of time, or have synced onto back up files designed to prevent data loss or cushion the consequence or risk of the Site crashing. Nonetheless, this is not a data storage site and we cannot guarantee retrieval of your particular information in the future, so you may want to back up your own data.

Personal Choice

The Site may give you options allowing you to choose whether to register or share certain information or not. If you opt not to register information requested, it might restrict your use of features of the Site, prevent you from accessing certain areas or freeze your from performing certain transactions.

If you prefer not to receive promotional offers, discounts and regular emails, then you should adjust your message settings, apply filters or contact the sender.

Technology Risks

Whilst we take measures to protect this Site, the Content and personal data collected on it, there is absolutely no guarantee that the technology it relies or features it integrates will not fail or crash at some point. We cannot promise that the system can be completely safe and secure at all time, or that it will not be hacked into or shut down. You should always be vigilant about the possibility of identity theft and report anything suspicious.

Children's Privacy

This Site does not knowingly collect any personal data of children or minors. We have elected to be governed by English law and we wish to attract persons of legal age who are ethically and morally conscious and responsible. Although there is a minimum age for using this Site, we acknowledge that it is possible to attract a general audience, which we cannot supervise. Whoever you are, you must NOT use this site to entice connections with vulnerable and young people, or take advantage of them in any way. Should we suspect or have any report of misuse of this Site, your identifying data, communications and interactions on this Site will be disclosed for investigations and your account will be deactivated.

International Visitors

Your information may be transferred, processed and stored to the location of our databases and servers in the UK or elsewhere. Whilst dance is widely valued and respected as an expression of art, for health, exercise, entertainment and an important cultural, social or religious activity in many countries, this view might not be shared with your country of origin or location of visit. Your decision to use or leave this Site is autonomous. You acknowledge and accept that we cannot insure that your privacy is protected 100% at all times or that any Postings, Content, information, images or files which include you is not transferred or monitored in your country of origin, which may not apply the same priority to human values of privacy, rights and freedoms.

Policy Modifications

This Privacy Policy may be modified in the future in order to reflect changes in our practices, services, features and functioning of the Site. We will do our best to notify you of important changes. Nonetheless, you should consult our Privacy Policy to check for any changes.


If you have questions that are not covered in this policy, please contact us by email.

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