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The mission of www.dancetribe.net (this “Site”) is to connect dancers and the dance community across the globe, allowing them to build ethical and harmonious international relationships, promote themselves, related events, products, services and artistic information which they wish to share with the world.

Your usage of this Site’s Content, features, information and software is subject to these Terms and Conditions.

Legal Agreement

By using this Site or any of our services, clicking on accept, joining up, registering, interacting or visiting us online or offline, you are entering into a legal agreement with us and agree that your use is subject to these Terms and Conditions of Use, which include a Copyright Assignment Agreement, our Limitation of Liability and Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy governs our permission to collect, use, share, and store your personal information. By joining, signing up, logging on with your email, registering, accessing, viewing, visiting or contributing to any of the Content or information on this Site or using any of our affiliated services, apps, platforms or paid services, you accept the Terms and Conditions displayed to you. We may unilaterally modify and update any of the Site’s Content, services and our Terms and Conditions. We can enforce this legal agreement against you.

Legal obligations

Lawful Activities

You must NOT use the Site for any illegal purpose or behave contrary to the Terms and Conditions of Use. You must NOT violate any applicable laws, including infringements of intellectual property, proprietary rights or the confidentiality, privacy or legal rights of anyone. You are entirely responsible to inform yourself of the laws and rules that apply in your jurisdiction and legal limitations to your use, e.g. IP laws, property laws, privacy and confidentiality laws, data-protection laws, morality or religious laws, tax laws and regulatory laws. These Terms and Conditions are legally binding and written in the English language. It is your responsibility to seek legal advice if you do not understand these Terms and Condition.

Minimum Age

If you using this Site from the UK, you must be a minimum legal age of 16 years old in order to use it. If you are visiting from outside the UK, the minimum legal age may vary. You should check your country’s minimum age.
If you are unsure about any the meaning of any provision or do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, then you must NOT continue to access or use this Site.

No Sex Offenders

You are prohibited from using the Site if you have been convicted of any sexual offense at any time in your life.
Accurate Account Details
If you sign up or register, you must submit your accurate and valid legal name, valid email and the information required to complete the process. You are responsible to keep your information accurate and up to date. Screen names may be permitted for Postings. If you believe someone else has used your user details, you must immediately notify the Site editor. This Site reserves the right to delete any name which is bogus or may infringe an intellectual property right.

Individual Users

Your login is for a single user and must not be shared jointly with anyone else. Members of multi-party organisations, associations or entities must create individual accounts or designate an identifiable representative. If your account is removed by this Site, you are not entitled to recreate an account without our express permission.

Password Security

You must keep your account and personal password secure. You are responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the Content posted and activity under your account, regardless of whom posted the Content with your login details or on your behalf. We retain the right to delete or deactivate your account.

Acceptance of Risks

Technology Risks

You accept that you use the Site at your sole risk and any feature or service is provided on an “as is” basis without technical support. You understand that this Site uses third party hosting partners to provide hardware, software, networking, storage and technology to run the Service. You understand that these third parties may have their own agreements and policies. It is your sole responsibility to review any supplemental terms or terms of affiliates or specific apps, products or third party service providers if you choose to use them.

Online Payment Risks

You agree that this Site strives to use reputable online payment gateways. However, you are entirely responsible to manage your payment transactions and your decisions to purchase. You should closely inspect the domain name appearing on your device and whether the icon you have clicked is in fact correct and secure (as opposed to a cloned website or icon). This Site is NOT liable for any loss or damage from your failure to manage your own payment transactions securely and you agree to hold us harmless for your activities through this Site, your user-journey or migration to third party websites. When you click onto third party products or links through this Site, you take responsibility for your user journey and whether or not you accept their terms of use and their policies. You understand that the display of our logo or trademark by a third party does NOT necessarily mean that they are official resellers. You should exercise caution whenever you make a transaction online or accept the payment terms of a payment gateway or online merchant.

What you must NOT do:

Inappropriate Postings

You must NOT: submit, transmit or post material which may be considered: offensive, vexatious, inappropriate, abusive, derogatory, hate speech, incite crime, racism, riot or violence, deception, fraudulent, false, malicious, intolerant, illegal, obscene, discriminatory, pornographic, contain objectionable Content; harm, abuse, threaten, stalk or harass anyone associated to the Site, infringe human rights, breach proprietary or intellectual property rights, publish financial accounts, banking details or secret information, publish or transfer any person’s identification document or passport.


You must NOT extract or transfer or any part of the Site manually or through technology, replicate or clone the Site; Copy profiles, impersonate others, create a false identity or make misrepresentations, create a profile for another person, use another person’s log on details or email, use manual, automated or robotic data harvest devices such as scrapers, crawlers or spiders, analyse the Site or conduct any surveys on behalf of competitors, obscure any legitimate advertising from the Site, exploit, lease, sub-lease, rent or sell access to this Site or its services for your own gain, commercialise or monetise any feature or network from this Site without our permission.

Security Violations

Your must NOT: generate viruses, communicate or post junk, spam, chain letters, send messages via group aliases, promote illegal activities, escorts or prostitution, re-direct users to an unauthorised third party service, falsely represent that you are affiliate or agent of the Site or authorised service provider, override or interfere with security features, impair the appearance or disable the proper functioning of the Site.

Data Theft

You must NOT: copy or use the information, Content or data of others available on the Services (except as expressly authorised), duplicate, disassemble, copy, modify or create unauthorised derivative works, reverse engineer, decompile any software or technology for the Site to function, use any discovery or network monitoring software, hack into the system or user accounts.
Product or Service Promotion
Unless you have a valid advertising agreement with this Site, you must NOT: promote or endorse any product or service, provide a false review for financial gain or benefit in kind, participate in multilevel advertising campaigns or distribute emails or newsletters containing adverts, offers or promotions, whether they are for a product, service or event. We have the right to remove or modify any Content from any source at our full discretion and report any user violation of our system to prosecuting authorities.


If you use any interfaces for self-service advertising, then you additionally agree to comply with any specific terms of advertising on this Site.


A lawfully registered user of the Site is granted a revocable, limited, non-exclusive non-transferable license to access, use and interact on this Site in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. We may terminate this license unilaterally without notice, at any time, if you breach these Terms or Conditions, or fail to comply with any of our policies, or we receive any serious complaint about you from another user or third party, or for any legal or other reason at our full discretion.

No Commercial Rights

You are NOT granted any license or right to use the intellectual property rights or any copyrighted material or images uploaded or published on this Site or the Site’s logo, brand or trademark. Content on this Site is for your personal use only and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. This Site, and the look and feel of our Services is protected by copyright, with All Rights Reserved. You are NOT entitled to replicate, copy, or reuse any portion of its script, design elements, interface or concepts.

Social Media Links

You may provide reputable social media links to this Site, as long as you do NOT remove, obscure or deform any portion of this Site or the authorised advertisements and you not modify the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies or notices. If for any reason requested by the Site to do so, you must deactivate and discontinue links. Unless you are certain that Content is in the public domain under a Commons License or you are the copyright owner of the Content or you have a legal license to share it, then you must refrain from posting or sharing it. This Site may deactivate any links at its discretion.

Interactive Areas

In relation to the interactive blogs, reviews, chat rooms, social forums and in response to enquiries or questions, you may recommend third party products, services, event or websites that do not compete directly or indirectly compete with this Site, providing you have no affiliation, financial interest or gain from the recommendation. The Site reserves the right to delete your recommendations and personal reviews.


It may not be feasible to continuously monitor or control all the Postings and Content on this Site. Nonetheless, the Editor of this Site reserves the right to monitor all areas including interactive forums and Postings. The Editor may control, modify, edit, translate, reduce the size of, reformat, delete or change the sequence of any Postings.

Synced Information

You grant this Site and any software it integrates or app it uses the right to automatically sync and update your information or profile. You may adjust your system or device settings appropriately.


Exclusion of Proprietary and Protected Works

You agree NOT to submit legally protected Content or material for publication or post or share information which is copyright protected and in which you do not actually have a license or permission to share; you agree NOT to share and distribute audio or music files which you do not legally own or have valid adequate clearances for; you agree NOT to disclose any confidential information, financial information, sensitive information, trade secrets or proprietary information; you agree NOT to infringe the intellectual property rights of any other person, company, entity, trust or organisation, including their trademarks, logos, brands, domain names, design rights, ideas, image rights or patents; you agree NOT to modify, remove or obscure any copyright notice, intellectual property warning, protected works notification, confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement from anything you directly or indirectly publish on this Site.

Your Warranties as Author

When you submit any contributions, Content or written articles directly to the Editor or through the Site forms for the purpose of publication, you expressly certify, warrant and affirm that the Content is your original work, that you are the true author, that you own the copyright and can be cited as the author. You warrant and represent that to your true knowledge, your submissions and Postings published through this Site do not violate and will not violate the rights of any third party, including any right of copyright, privacy, publicity, design rights, image rights, or any form of intellectual property, confidential or proprietary right. You warrant and represent that your Content, Postings or articles for publication do not violate, breach, infringe or misappropriate the rights of a third party, their proprietary rights, intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademarks, image rights, privacy rights or publicity rights. You warrant and represent that you own all the Content in Postings made by you directly, or that you have the legal right post it on the internet. You warrant and represent that you own all the Content in your articles, material or media that you transfer to the Site’s editor for publication, or that you have the legal right to assign the Site’s editor the copyright to it.

Grant of Royalty Free License

You grant express permission to us to freely use any Content, written articles, literary contributions, texts, messages, links, expression of ideas, graphics, imagery, photos, music, data, any media or materials you submit to the Site for publication or information. You grant the Site’s editor, the right to edit, modify, adapt, change, reproduce, make use of, prepare derivative works from, combine with other works, translate, distribute or publish your Postings in any size, shape, font, form, colour, sequence, language or media. You agree to assign a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive international license to the Site, the holding company and the Site’s editor.

Sharing Content and Postings

You grant this Site, the holding company and its editor a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to use your intellectual property in the Content you share through this Site. The license you grant ends when you delete the Content unless the Content has been shared and remains undeleted by another person. You understand that deleted Content may not appear on your screen but may still exist in backup system files or on other connected public platforms. When you publish Postings, you permit the public to access the information associated to you. When using an app, it may request access to your Content and access to your information. You acknowledge and accept our Privacy Policy provisions on how the technology we use can process and store your data for some period of time.


You hereby assign dancetribe.net, Dancetribe Ltd UK and its editor with full title guarantee all rights of copyright and related publishing rights in your submitted article or submitted material in any form or contained on media existing now or developed in the future, in all languages, across the world and on the internet, the right to create adaptions, derivative works, translations, performances or sublicense these rights for its own publicity, commercial or social use.

Editorial Rights

You agree without reservation that this Site’s and its Editor are entitled to create, cite or publish ideas that may resemble, or be similar or identical to the Postings or Submissions that you submit. You agree to disclaim any right of legal action or royalties against this Site, the holding company, editor, Content manager, administrator, owner, employees, agents or affiliates for any alleged or actual infringement or misappropriation of any intellectual property, copyright or related property right.


In relation to submissions for publication, if an author prefers to remain anonymous, use a pen-name or screen name, then the author must promptly inform the Editor prior to publication. This Site is not liable for publishing your real name.

Publishing Indemnity

You wholly indemnify this Site, its sub-domains, editor and Content manager from the consequence of publishing your submissions or Postings. You expressly agree to pay for all fees or royalties that are legitmately claimed following Content posted which you had no legal right or valid license to post or submit for publication.


No Warranty

We do NOT provide a warranty for any part of the Site, the database, Content or software it uses, its quality, safety, reliability, functions or your user-journey. This Site is provided on a “as is available” basis with potential risks and possibilities of technical errors, bugs, viruses or security breaches. You accept that it is your responsibility to ensure that your smart phone device or computer software is suitable to use in conjunction with this Site and any of the interactive parts. You acknowledge and accept that this Site does NOT provide any warranty, fitness for purpose, or quality assurance. This Site does NOT warrant that its services or features will meet your all your requirements or be uninterrupted, secure, error-free, up to speed or that the results of searches or information will be either accurate or reliable, or that any products, services, information, or purchases through the Site will meet your expectations or be refunded.

Technical Errors

You accept that this Site does NOT guarantee that it will be free from any errors, defects or omissions of any nature, including typographical or technical errors. You accept that this Site does NOT warrant, does NOT insure and does NOT guarantee that it will function or be available without interruption or down-time. You accept that from time to time, it may be inaccessible or unavailable. This Site does NOT represent that the Content or Postings are accurate, or reliable or updated or free of viruses or free of defects or free of harmful errors. The Site has can make any updates, improvement or changes at any time.

Third Parties

This Site is NOT responsible or liable for verification of third party communications and makes no representations or warranties in relation to any third party communications through the Site. The Site is NOT liable for any third party communications, solicitations, pre-screening, or your actions in relation to them. You are entirely responsible to assess or perform due diligence before connecting with persons or entities from social networks and verifying the identity, source and trustworthiness of any third party communication, email or invitation. This Site does NOT warrant or guarantee the accuracy or completeness published information or Content. Your usage of Content, links to advertisers or affiliates or other users of this Site is entirely at your own risk.

Links and Pop-Ups

Third party Content, Postings or solicitation may become visible on the Site, accessible via links and pop-ups. The Site cannot control everything that appears on your screen or device, including hoax, hackers or fishing for information. The Site is NOT responsible, does NOT encourage and has no liability for your reliance on any Postings, clicking any link, or your decision to divulge any personal or bank details.

Data Transfers

You fully authorise any required transfers of your personal data and information to the current location of our database or servers and any future transfers or migration to any location in the world. You acknowledge and accept all the provisions of our Privacy Policy and in particular risks from cross-border transfers of data flow.


Your Waiver

You waive any rights of legal action against this Site for any consequential losses resulting from any aspect of using this Site, any erroneous information provided via the Content Manager, Administrator, Editor, human or technical error. You understand and agree that neither this Site, nor its owner, nor its Editor, nor its employees, nor its agents will have any responsibility or liability for any act or omission, direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, consequential, special or exemplary damage, loss, loss of profits, data loss, injury, or harm suffered to you, your business or your reputation, any virus, bug, theft or telecommunication failure. You understand that we will NOT bear any liability for Content, postings, any opinion, any review or anything related to this Site. You accept that we will NOT be liable for any legal fees, notary fees, arbitration fees, judicial fees, expenses or any costs, which you may incur in connection to your use of this Site or its services or any legal proceedings instituted by you or against you.

If any legal decision deems that the extent of limitation of this Site’s liability is unlawful, then this Site’s liability will be limited to the sum of one hundred pounds (GBP 100).


You agree to fully indemnifying us and holding us harmless from any suits, legal action, negligence, contributory negligence, damages, loss or expense connected to your access or use of the Site or its services. Us means the Site, the holding Company, its owners, editor, director, shareholders, employees, Content manager, administrator, service providers, partners, advisors or agents. If anyone brings a claim or legal action against us which is in anyway related to your use, action, Content, submitted articles, Postings or information published on the Site or violates any third party’s proprietary or intellectual property such as copyright, you agree that you will indemnify and hold us harmless from and against all damages, consequential losses, legal, governmental, regulatory, tax and administrative expenses and costs of any kind (including legal fees and legal costs) related to such claim. We reserve the right to control any matter which is the subject of this indemnification and any settlement you may make in relation to a claim will require our prior consent. This provision may be directly enforced against you by any individual or entity that this indemnification states it applies to.

No Endorsement

We do NOT control, direct or endorse user activity on this Site and we are NOT responsible for the information they transmit, communicate or share through the Site. We are NOT responsible for inappropriate, offensive, unlawful or objectionable Content online or offline conduct.

Non-Confidential Information

You agree that unless excluded in the Privacy Policy, then any Content and Posting your make will be non-confidential and the Site will not be liable for either using, disclosing or publishing it.

Non-Confidential Relationship

You agree that your relationship with the Site is not a special relationship, not confidential or fiduciary and that your decision to provide Postings or Content does not result in you being any different from another member of the public and does not create any obligation of confidence between us.


For the purpose of any complaint against you or any investigation against you, this Site reserves the right to disclose any of your personal data, profile, emails, usage history, posted materials, IP address and information.

Applicable Law

You agree that English law will apply to these Terms and Conditions.


If any contractual dispute arises or dispute over the interpretation of any of these Terms or Conditions of Use or any provision of our Privacy Policy, which cannot be resolved or settled amicably, then you expressly agree for the dispute to be resolved through Arbitration. The seat of Arbitration will be England and the arbitrator will be jointly elected by the parties.

Non-Contractual Disputes

All other non-contractual disputes will be dealt with through the proper qualified regulatory authority, or if none exists at the time then the dispute may proceed through due legal process.


This Site may modify its Terms and Agreement or Privacy Policy or other provisions to reflect any website enhancements or other matters. This site may change pricing for any payable service, features or apps or make free services payable in the future. You agree to be bound by the changes by continuing your use of this Site. You may not unilaterally modify this Agreement. We will endeavour to notify you and highlight significant changes. However, it is your responsibility to check for updates when you interact with this Site or its services. To the extent that any provision is deemed legally invalid or void, it will be severed and modified with the remaining provisions surviving intact.


You accept that this Site may delete your Content or profile, remove, deactivate or disable your account or restrict your use of any feature, application, network or group without need to provide you advance notification. You may also voluntarily terminate your account.

No Waiver

If this Site does not immediately exercise or enforce any rights or provision of these Terms or Conditions, that shall not imply any waiver of its right to enforce that provision against you in the future. These Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy supersede any prior understanding, communication or agreements between us.


Reference to this Site means the website www.dancetribe.net. “We” or “Us” refers to this Site, its sub-domains, the holding company, Dancetribe Limited, the owners of the Site, editor, director, shareholders, employees, Content manager, administrator, service providers, partners, advisors, employees or agents.

No foreign translation or interpretation shall override the original English version of this Agreement.


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